Testing & QA

Software Testing & Quality Analysis
Our Testing & QA Services
Enterprise App Testing

With an extensive user base using different modules in real time, it is crucial to understand the performance, user acceptance and security of such enterprise web/desktop/mobile applications apart from functionality.

Functional Testing

This testing is widely used for strengthening the software quality. Functionality testing analysis process involves various testing activities that measure the code of each component in order to assure quality.

Performance Testing

Our performance testing services help to find out the bottlenecks of software impacting the quality and the calibre so that your web/desktop/mobile application can endure heavy loads.

Responsive Testing

With responsive web design, more and more customers can enjoy optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. In responsive testing services, we check the responsiveness of any web/desktop/mobile application.

Platform Compatibility Testing

Technology advancements and emerging platforms in web and mobile space have created a nightmare for software or application development teams. In this testing, our experts check desired performance of web/desktop/mobile application on each platform.

Web/Desktop/Mobile App Testing

The main challenge with web application is that it should be compatible with all the browsers and operating systems. Mobile application testing service is performed to maintain the performance of the application across different devices.

Our QA & Testing Approach

At AXIVON we follow agile based testing approach which reduces time to market, helps mitigate risks and deals with changing needs in an efficient manner. The below image shows our QA process within an agile sprint or iteration.

Our testing process includes the following steps:

  • Selecting the best QA strategy
  • Choosing the right tools for testing
  • Test or sprint planning
  • Setting up the environment and preparing test cases or test data
  • Executing test cases
  • Transferring the tested deliverables
  • Conducting reviews after sprints or QA.